Join us for a Regional Working
Group Meeting

The Department of Energy’s Advanced Grid Research Division will facilitate three regional Working Group meetings for the Voices of Experience|Leveraging AMI Networks and Data Initiative (VOE|AMI). These peer-to-peer meetings will convene utility representatives to discuss specific topics about the value utilities are unlocking with AMI as they analyze the data and gain operational experience with the technology. The meetings will include presentations from utilities as well as facilitated small group discussions. There will be a meeting on each coast – one in California and one in Florida – as well as a meeting in North Carolina.

The meetings are specifically designed to engage participants in smaller, interactive conversations for a productive exchange of ideas and will provide participants a venue to talk about their successes, challenges, and lessons learned. For more information and to register, please select one of the meetings below.

Background on Voices of Experience Initiative:

To assist grid transformation efforts, and realizing the benefits of bringing stakeholder together to share experiences, DOE OE's Advanced Grid Research division initiated the Voices of Experience (VOE) Initiative with the objective of collecting utility experiences, insights, and lessons learned. The Initiative is unique in that it compiles the valuable insights and advice provided directly by utility personnel at the forefront who are working the challenges and implementing new technology. Each VOE report focuses on a specific topic related to an operational challenge or a technology that is critical to industry transformation. Previous topics include customer engagement, advanced distribution management systems, and integrating intermittent resources at the distribution level.

The newly launched AMI effort, the fourth in the VOE series, will focus on how utilities are leveraging AMI and its data. Utilities are increasingly asked to optimize operations and demonstrate value from past investments. The VOE|AMI effort will explore how AMI and AMI data improve distribution operations, the challenges involved in realizing those benefits, and the value it delivers. In addition, the effort will investigate how AMI and AMI data are being leveraged to create new products and services to enhance the customer experience.

Visit www.smartgrid.gov/voices to download all of the documents in the series and to sign up for the working group.

If you have questions about the meetings or the Voices of Experience Initiative, please contact Tanya Burns at tburns@ararablueenergy.com or 703-901-0110.